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Steve gig offer

Okay, so kitty_cat89 can't get a dog sitter and can't come to the gigs this weekend, which means I have spare tickets.

Speak up if you want any of the following:
Bus ticket from Glasgow to London (leaving at 11pm Thursday night, getting in at 7am Friday morning) (£11)
Bed in the St Paul's Youth Hostel for Friday and Saturday night (girls only I'm afraid, it's in a shared dorm) (£25 a night)
One Ticket for the Friday gig (£10)
One ticket for the Saturday gig (£10)
Bus ticket from London to Glasgow (leaving midday Sunday, arriving 10.30 Sunday night) (£11)

kitty_cat89 I'm going to miss you honey and if you work something out for Bailey then let me know!

I'll be going offline soon, but can get emails on my phone - whiskyinmind @

Speak up if you want any of these! (I'll keep you posted on Twitter as to what the status is)

After a bit of a flail yesterday in which I decided I wasn't going, I've decided I definitely am going - this is going to be an awesome weekend and I can't wait!
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