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Singing To Survive

All too rarely a performer comes along who somehow manages to speak to the heart of the audience. Rosalee is one of these rarefied few. And the fact that she is a genuinely lovely person makes her the kind of individual this reviewer counts herself lucky to be on first name terms with. Her first album "Love is the Way" produced by husband Darren Sher at the Sound Parlor in Vegas, gives the listener a beautifully rounded introduction to this talented singer's broad repertoire. Moving from the rock-out opening duo of "Love is the Way" and "Jack & Jill" to the quirky-beautiful final track "Follow You Around the World" via the piano and vocal led "Just Another Day Away" and the wonderfully sharp "With Love" and more. One gets the sense from the lyrics (co-written with Darren and Steve Carlson) that Rosalee has come to the point where she is more than ready to stand out from the crowd and prove herself more than equal to those songstresses she has encountered in the music business. And damn if she doesn't prove herself better than all of them.

Rosalee is currently touring with Steve Carlson and can be seen tonight (Tuesday 30th March) at the Underbelly, London.

Review © Shona Russell (Sho to my friends. :)) 30th March 2010
Tags: music rec, rosalee
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