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random random random...

Still with the toothache...


(I'm not registered with an NHS dentist, none in the area are taking on new patients, and I can't afford to pay for dental treatment.)

Eating lunch earlier (an omlette for crying out loud...) the pain hit so bad I thumped the table and broke the plate. (Yeah, that may also explain why I keep buggering up my hand as well...) I honestly don't know how long I can put up with it.


Anyways, I know I haven't posted anything about the London weekend two weeks ago (dude, TWO WEEKS!! How did that happen?!) it's because my poor old computer is getting old and cantakerous and is having 'issues' transferring pictures from my camera. *pets computer* It was an awesome time, not just because Steve, Rosalee and Darren were awesome as always, but because I got to spend time with friends in person - I didn't realise how much I'd missed that until I got home and realised that for a week the only people I spoke to were shop assistants and library staff. I will post about it and share pics soon - promise!

But never mind, the real reason for posting right now, and for posting with the icon which might seem a tad odd until this: I'm going to VAMPIRE BALL! Yay! (Or at least, I've just put an order in and am waiting for confirmation... *starts worrying*). It feels like forever since I was at a con as an attendee not staff! (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE working at cons, but at the last two Asylum's I saw a total of two panels.)

Plus? CHRIS!

I don't know if I'm going to be working at Asylum this year, I have emailed Wayne about it but apart from a question over Easter weekend I haven't heard back. I'm disappointed because I had a lot of fun working with the Rogue crew (I know some of you have issues with the way the cons are run, but they're good folks and really do try to make things as smooth as possible - plus, you have to admit it gets better every time) ad thought I did a good job for them but... there's still time, Wayne's a busy little really-quite-tall bee and there's still a month to go so...

Right, since I forgot to bring my pen drive with me to the library (sorry Cat, got your message about the landscape thing but don't have any relevant stock, it'll be Tuesday before I can get you a second draft) and the sun is splitting the trees out there, I'm going to go and try to avoid the funeral at the bowling green across from my house. :)
Tags: conventions, i have the best friends, i is broked, randomosity
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