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My life happens to... yeah, you remember the rest.

I'm so tired of seeing posts where I moan about how my life sucks. So I'm stopping posting for a while. I'm following a couple of fics and some other things so will still be reading, but I'm not going to be here until I finally get me head straight.

One random thing, a girl I used to work with at the library, and with whom I was really quite friendly with, and I have kinda reconnected a little on Facebook - mostly because she changed her profile pic to a convention shot of her with J2. I asked her about it, we got chatting. And it turns out the pictures of Misha at the JiB con holding the tiger print pants? Were from her. Not the photos. The pants. Angie, Angie, Angie... you're a married woman sweetie...

Like I say, I'll be around, but not posting.
Tags: hiatus of sorts
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