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May the Fourth Be With you (but beware the Revenge of the Fifth)

*points at icon and post title*

I couldn't not...

Right, so I've not been here for a while because we just had a holiday weekend during which my library was shut unexpectedly (to me anyway, there were probably signs up that I didn't read...). Sorry 'bout that!

Anyways, quick catch up: I haven't been doing well mental health wise but am bouncing back. I think.
I have decided that during May I am going to write every day (more about that in a minute).
I am working on a vid which originally I had wanted to finish by the middle of this month but now I want to take more time on to do it right.
I've just sent off my shortlist for the vids for round 15 over at the Art of Vidding Awards. Wow this was a tough round! There's not a bad vid among the entries there, go 'check 'em out.
I finally bought a desk and proper chair (they arrived this morning) so I will a lot more comfortable at the computer now which means I can actually get some work done!
Please link me to things I may have missed over the last week? I feel like such a bad friend for not keeping up with y'all.

Right. Back to the May writing project... So far I've managed a drabble a day and I have a larger plan that I'm working on (yesterday's drabble is kind of an intro to it) which will be started a little later on. But... I would love some prompts from you guys.

Fandoms: Buffy, Angel Supernatural, Firefly/Serenity, Dark Angel, maybe Leverage (want to write it, haven't quite found the voices yet). And any combination thereof.
I don't write Spuffy, Wincest, CSI (Crazy Space Incest (Simon/River)), and I'm not the world's biggest fan of Max/Logan. Anything else is fair game.

Please? Prompt me? I have 28 days left and actually have no idea what I'm going to write today even...

*bats eyelashes*

(and yes, it would have made sense for me to have saved the three days already written to my pen drive to post today, but since when have I ever made sense? heh!)
Tags: art of vidding awards, finding inspiration, i have the best friends, prompts, vid recs, vidding

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