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May 2010 Sticky post

I'm running a personal challenge for May 2010 in which I will attempt to write something every day. (This is to get me back into the swing of both writing and posting.)

Prompt me here!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dark Angel

What I won't write:

Crazy Space Incest
Max/Logan schmoop

What I will write:

Anything else. *g*

Posted Stories:

May 1st: Because of Her BtVS Faith-centric drabble.
May 2nd: just a way to scratch an itch BtVS/SPN crossover drabble. Faith/Dean.
May 3rd: In Perpetuity AtS drabble. Lindsey.
May 4th & 5th: Roll Up The Floor. BtVS Faith-centric fic. Faith versus a Motorbike. (written for tessarin's prompt.
May 6th: Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances BtVS s3. Willow, Angel, (Faith). Written for velvetwhip's prompt
May 9th: World of Corruption SPN Castiel drabble.
May 9th: Oil for the Machine BtVS/SPN crossover - Faith and the Impala
Tags: fic, may 2010, writing

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