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06 May 2010 @ 02:10 pm
when we collide we come together...  
Fucked up my meds yesterday so this is one of those bloody irritating days when I yo-yo all over the mental health spectrum trying to catch up with myself. But. I'm out. I'm doing things. I posted fic! All of it's over at fandomsbitca. I don't have the Lindsey drabble I wrote on the 3rd. I don't know where it is on my computer because it wasn't in the folder it should be. *sigh* (It's a drabble and I have it in longhand, it's just a faff having to type it up again.)

'cos of the meds screw up yesterday I didn't write a complete story for the May Project, which sucks, but I did edit and add 189 wirds to the story from the 4th so I don't feel quite as much of a failure.

I have today's story in my head, it might be more NC-17 than I normally write (or at least, than I normally write het) or then again, it might not. I'll have to see what comes out when I sit down to write it.

I'm still looking for prompts by the way, I set up a hopefully sticky post at the top of the journal so it's easier for you to follow the stories as they're posted and also gimme prompts. Go for it - seriously, even if it's something you've never seen me write before so long as it's not on my Verboten list in the post then give it a try. Hell, I never thought I'd ever write Spander and then it won a freaking award... heh!

See? In the process of typing this up, my mood has swung up again. I should go home and not listen to Biffy Clyro some more...

(am also vidding this month, Supernatural - started of as an ensemble concept, narrowed down to a character concept and now it's veering into an episodic character concept. It'l probably change again tomorrow!)

Finally, if you are in the UK today (or are a UK citizen with the ability to do so from where you are) PLEASE VOTE! I'm not going to try to tell you who to vote for, all I ask is that you fulfil your civic responsibility.

Polling stations stay open until 10pm. There's plenty of time.
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tessarintessarin on May 6th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
Agree with you on the vote thing. Whatever your political hue it is a civic responsibility and you have no right to gripe. Although this time I wish there was a deselect option so we could kick them all out and start from scratch.

Hope the retype doesn't take too long.
velvetwhipvelvetwhip on May 6th, 2010 04:23 pm (UTC)
Sorry about your meds.

laurahopeless_cynic on May 7th, 2010 06:39 am (UTC)
Hellooooo! Have popped on here for a minute because I've just finished (well, almost finished) my last essay, and I've been up all night writing it & watching the election broadcast & I deserve 5 minutes off before I go finish it.

I agree that voting is very important, although it looks like it's all turned out shit anyway. I want to leave the country, I said I would if Cameron got in, and I know it's gonna be a hung even though it's not 100% confirmed yet but I said I would rather leave the country than live under a country ruled by the Tories, and now I just wish I had the money so that I actually could move away. Bugger. It also annoys me that seemingly every constituency near me is Tory. Bastards. The one I'm living in now is actually Labour, but I'm moving back home in a month.

Isn't sleep deprivation fun? Can't sleep yet anyway, need to finish essay & then get to uni to hand it in without getting killed on the way there, and then make it home to possibly eat something and then crash. Don't think I'm going to get any revision done today for my exam on Tuesday. Means I have to start tomorrow, which isn't good, I'm not prepared as it is.

I can't read any of the fics you've posted until after my exams, I'm not allowed. But I approve of the writing every day thing :)

*hugs* Think I'm gonna go finish my essay now, if I can get my head straight. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, this is to make up for the fact that I wanted to text you to rant about the Conservatives all night but didn't want to wake you up if your phone was on lol.