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06 May 2010 @ 02:10 pm
when we collide we come together...  
Fucked up my meds yesterday so this is one of those bloody irritating days when I yo-yo all over the mental health spectrum trying to catch up with myself. But. I'm out. I'm doing things. I posted fic! All of it's over at fandomsbitca. I don't have the Lindsey drabble I wrote on the 3rd. I don't know where it is on my computer because it wasn't in the folder it should be. *sigh* (It's a drabble and I have it in longhand, it's just a faff having to type it up again.)

'cos of the meds screw up yesterday I didn't write a complete story for the May Project, which sucks, but I did edit and add 189 wirds to the story from the 4th so I don't feel quite as much of a failure.

I have today's story in my head, it might be more NC-17 than I normally write (or at least, than I normally write het) or then again, it might not. I'll have to see what comes out when I sit down to write it.

I'm still looking for prompts by the way, I set up a hopefully sticky post at the top of the journal so it's easier for you to follow the stories as they're posted and also gimme prompts. Go for it - seriously, even if it's something you've never seen me write before so long as it's not on my Verboten list in the post then give it a try. Hell, I never thought I'd ever write Spander and then it won a freaking award... heh!

See? In the process of typing this up, my mood has swung up again. I should go home and not listen to Biffy Clyro some more...

(am also vidding this month, Supernatural - started of as an ensemble concept, narrowed down to a character concept and now it's veering into an episodic character concept. It'l probably change again tomorrow!)

Finally, if you are in the UK today (or are a UK citizen with the ability to do so from where you are) PLEASE VOTE! I'm not going to try to tell you who to vote for, all I ask is that you fulfil your civic responsibility.

Polling stations stay open until 10pm. There's plenty of time.
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tessarintessarin on May 6th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
Agree with you on the vote thing. Whatever your political hue it is a civic responsibility and you have no right to gripe. Although this time I wish there was a deselect option so we could kick them all out and start from scratch.

Hope the retype doesn't take too long.