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I love my friends. My friends should make all my decisions for me...

Feeling a whole lot better today. I still feel lonely, I still feel like I'm losing touch with everyone, but I'm no longer about to cry at the drop of a hat. So that's good. Thank you all so much - you rock.

Now, I'm packing for the convention at the weekend. I'm crewing at it but don't know yet what I'll be doing - I could be reg desk, I could be PAing and all options in between. I've also put on some weight in the last little while (although Cat was sweet enough to tell me the only place it showed was in my cleavage and who's gonna complain about that? heh!) and have absolutely no confidence in my clothes choices now. Help?

This is hip length and I kinda like it, but it already has a couple of holes in it between the sections so looks cheap (even though it wasn't, it was probably the most expensive one here:()

An old faithful, sits just about waistlength, but since I've put on some weight lately I'm worried this'll look square and blocky,

This is actually really long, the over shirt thing is just about knee length. The circle in the centre of the tie-dye could be a problem in that it's almost like a target for my stomach...

Again, long - just above the knee. I'd wear it with jeans/trousers underneath.

Cargo pants - cotton, cool in case it gets really warm and slouchy. Not exactly smart though.

Bootcut jeans with a slightly annoying crease down the leg...

Basic v-neck t-shirt. just over waist-length.

Dude, it wouldn't be a con without my 'blogging' shirt, but it's getting so old now that I have to wear a shirt under it.

And then there's the shoe dilemma... since no matter what job I end up doing I'm going to be running around, I'm not wearing heels, but I don't know which of these to go with...

They're all thumbnails so you can click on 'em to enlarge... And yes, I do seem to be going through a blue/denim phase right now...
Tags: asylum, asylum 2010, convention: rogue events, conventions
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