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24 hours to go...

So this time tomorrow I'll be in Birmingham and hopefully will be at the convention hotel (and, y'know, maybe having some kind of idea what I'll be doing there...)

I've been getting a bit antsy about the room sharing - I'm sharing with one girl on Friday and Saturday and a group (two sisters and possibly one other) on the Sunday. Up until today I was concerned about things like whether they snore loudly or hog the bathroom for hours. Today I'm seeing the posts about what happened at WinCon in '08 and a whole new set of worries has taken over. I can take care of myself, and others (actually, I'm better at the latter part than the former) but it's one of those things I wouldn't have thought about previously.

Plus, I drank too much yesterday and am still hungover. It was stupid and I won't be drinking at the weekend but right now I feel lousy...

And I haven't packed yet.

And despite thedothatgirl's best efforts to get the eps to me I'll be three episodes behind everyone which for a spoilerphobe ain't fun.

And I have to get the train at half-six tomorrow to make sure I'm in Glasgow with time to get the train to Birmingham.

And then I have to get from New Street to the hotel without getting lost.

And then I have to do the whole worry about whether anyone is going to take Scottish notes (yes, they are legal currency).

And then I have to find Wayne, Paul, Donna or whoever else is there and find out just what I'm going to be doing.

And then I have to remember I actually really enjoy doing this whole thing.

Tags: asylum, asylum 2010, convention: rogue events, conventions

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