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Vid recs

So I've been sitting on these until the winners were announced over at the Art of Vidding Awards because I didn't want to give any hints as to where my judging was leaning. Now they're announced and I can do this!

Let It Take You by thandie. Supernatural, Dean/Castiel.
He wishes he could fix the world for Dean, wishes he could fix Dean and his sorrows, but he can't. Not here.

Awesome. Innovative, melancholic, beautiful.

This Night by kahesha. Supernatural, Dean.
This is an episodic character study of Dean in 2014 from what is probably my favourite episode of the show so far. (5:04 - The End)

Runs In The Family by mresundance. True Blood. Jessica.
They’re hiding inside her.

As with the show, this is quite a graphic video and is not safe for work. But it's awesome, and uses Amanda Palmer music! Squee!

This Is War by WolfPup. Supernatural, overview.
(That link is a direct one to the wmv, because the site is not the easiest to navigate or find anything on.)

I'm sometimes hard on this vidder when it comes to judging, because she can sometimes appear to use the same clips in every vid. This vid though? Rocks. The tempo makes it.

Post Blue by Eve. Watchmen.
Short and awesome overview of the film. It rocks.

Holiday by Kitty. Dark Angel, Max.
When it's work all day for Max, all she really longs for is a break now and then.
This makes me smile so much!

And finally: The Will Of The Force by aruna7. Star Wars.
Dude. What can I say about this vid?! Complete narrative focusing on a Jedi and his (female) Master who have very obvious feelings for each other but try to deny it. That in itself would make me like it, but the clips used are from Supernatural, The X Files and Blade Runner. The Jedi? Played in this vid by Misha Collins and Gillian Anderson, hence the clips are of Castiel and Scully interacting through clever editing. This really should not work, but it totally does! And dude, four of my fandoms in one vid without technically being a crossover? Man. It doesn't get better than that!

There actually was not a bad vid among the entrants this round,which made it bloody hard to judge! thedothatgirl is contemplating a fandom 'face-off' type round when she comes back from her well-deserved holiday, there's a poll to explain and guage interest here. Please go take a look? I'm really excited at the prospect from a judging point of view. Ta!
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