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Putting some minds at ease... More about awards sites.

I don't want to stop any of the awards sites - especially not the WKA which is where it all started for me!

I'm actually considering a whole new start and am also considering a couple of new ones as well. I floated the idea on Twitter yesterday but didn't get any feedback there. What do you think of adding Dollhouse and/or Leverage awards sites into the mix?

A lot of the time I feel terrible because I start each round with the best of intentions and then by the time the winners are announced I'm snowed under with other things and can't devote the attention to them that they deserve - hence me asking what people think of the timings of the different awards and also whether they would be willing to help out.

I'm having a crappy time right now - no real reason, just my meds not balancing and the people I connect most with being unavailable to me for one reason or another - but I adore fandom and it makes me happy. So I'm trying to throw myself back into it with a vengeance. I'm writing again, I signed up for thebigbangjob as an author and have my idea, have a hook, was brainstorming it on an A3 sheet and got shivers up my spine. Speaking of, I may be in need of a beta or two in a little while for this - anyone interested?

I've been working quietly with flyingcarpet and she and I are really excited about the prospect of the thing we're working on... (*is vague*)

Waiting for thedothatgirl to get back from holiday so that I can get stuck into the AVA special summer round.

And three (or five) awards sites (staggered so that my brain doesn't explode...) sounds like fun to me.

Now I'm going to go home and try to write something that isn't the epilogue...

(and I'm signed up for whedon20in20 this month as well. See? I'm determined.)
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