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New Buffyverse Fic/Art challenge!


Man hatches from egg! Marilyn Monroe bitten by vampire! Swamp Monster attacks child!
Was that a Buffy episode? No, but it should have been! Those are actually real headlines published in The Weekly World News, but we think they'd be even better if they were Buffy-ized -- just imagine what Buffy or Angel could have done to help the hopeless, if they were there.

That's what this community is all about -- pull a sensational headline right off the front page of the tabloids, mix in your favorite BtVS or AtS characters, and stir to create fic or art worthy of the Buffyverse and all its unpredictable complexities. Need a little something extra? Crossovers are welcome -- in fact, many of these covers just scream out for elements from Supernatural, Stargate, Roswell and others. BtVS and AtS actors are welcome, too.

Sound good? We'd love to have you! Signups will open June 14 at tabloid_btvs


I have so much love for flyingcarpet for coming up with this concept - this is mostly her baby, I'm just helping out a little, but doing so with the biggest grin on my face!

We're running this cross-platform so you don't have to be on LJ to participate - Dreamwidth mirror - Archive Of Our Own collection.

All kinds of genres are accepted, crossovers are welcomed. Come and join the fun!

Rules and info here

Please pimp away!
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