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There's some shit going on in various fandoms right now, so this really is the perfect time to spread some love.

I've pimped tabloid_btvs on here already (some covers still available for claiming...) and now I'm back with some of the posts from it!

sentine was first off the mark with an awesome fanart rework of the 'Redneck Vampire Attacks Trailer Park!" cover - here.

amyxaphania has created a beautiful Buffy-centric piece of fanart for the 'First Photos of Heaven" cover - here

And sentine came back with another reworking of the "Britney Stole My Body!" cover - here

brutti_ma_buoni has an hilarious fic based on the "Baby Loch Ness Monster Caught..." cover - Clay-Footed Heroes ("It was a bonding exercise. With fish.")

And amyxaphania came back with an absolutely beautiful wallscroll based on the "Gates of Hell Are Open" cover - here

See what you've been missing? Come join the fun! (And yes, I have signed up for a fic... heh!)

Tags: art recs, fic recs, tabloid_btvs
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