the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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So, I had a list of six things I needed to get done last night.

I did one thing from it. One.

I wrote out a plot outline for the challenge fic and as I was doing it dialogue started to go through my head and I had to scribble it all down before it disappeared into the ether. Once I started doing that the story started to flow and I ended up writing around 700 words of a 2000 word challenge fic.

And that was it, nothing else got done - well, I tell a lie, I did some laundry and washed the dishes that were slowly begin to set up their own china colony in my kitchen sink.

I did work out what's wrong with the sticky middle section on the next part of CR, but I didn't get any of that written...

Plus, I left the treasure map thing at work by accident so I didn't go to big sister's house at all, probably just as well really since the nephew spent about a half hour babbling to me on the phone. I'm not great with kids, I can barely understand what they're saying to me when they develope language skills so to have an almost 2 year old wittering in my ear is frustrating, about the only thing he can say clearly is "Oh dear!" whenever he does something wrong....
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