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Fic Rec

Title: The Mad Road
Author: bellatemple
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Adult, for language, violence, and themes
Summary: On October 31st, 2005, Sam Winchester wakes up to find someone rummaging through his kitchen. It's his father, with bad news: his brother's dead, and the thing that killed him is coming to Palo Alto. Weeks later, Jo Harvelle follows a lead on her missing boyfriend to a mental health facility and meets a man, dressed in half-scrubs, half-flannel, with bandaged wrists and paranoid tendencies. His name is Dean Winchester, he knows more than he possibly could, and convincing his family he's not really dead would only be half their problem -- if Jo can help him find them. . . .

I had the absolute pleasure to help out with the beta-ing process for this fic, and have been champing at the bit waiting for the posting day! It's wonderfully done, broken down into sections focusing on the various protagonists, but somehow never feeling bitty or fractured - except where it should be.

apieceofcake has done wonderful accompanying artwork for the story (the art post is here but I should point out that the later parts contain spoilers for the story).

Go. Read.
Tags: fic recs
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