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09 August 2010 @ 02:24 pm
Sherlock ep 3 reaction  

My immediate reaction to the end of the episode is probably best described by the text I sent hopeless_cynic the *moment* the end credits started: "They did not just leace it there!!", and my reply to her reply "The magnificent BASTARDS!!!"

Seriously, I'm a bit meh about the Moriarty reveal, mostly because I now can't disassociate the actor's accent with the decription of it I read earlier: Graham Norton meets Lloyd Grossman.

But that ending?


I was kinda on the verge of yelling at the screen "WHY ARE YOU BOTH STILL IN THERE!!!!????" when in comes Jim again.

And then, I have just seen this, and it sums it up completely: sartorialist's reaction in picture form.



Dear BBC, please to be officially recommissioning it NOW!
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