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Who's bright idea was that?!

I'm on the re-branding committee for the library but managed to miss the last two meetings for one reason or another. I already said I would help man the stall for the Freshers' Fayre in September - basically we're going to overload brand new studnets with information and then wonder why they avoid the library after that.

Because I missed the last two meetings, I also missed out on the final decision for the theme we were going with and only just found out what it is yesterday after I'd said "Of course I'll wear a specially designed t-shirt." When Harry told me what the design was I was sure he was winding me up but no, it's been confirmed by others.

In a month's time, I will be meeting new students with a big picture of a lollipop and the words "Suck it and see" plastered across my chest.

I'm not exactly flat-chested either.

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