the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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better day today!

Well, I'm fully clothed and nothing's ripped so far so I'm one up on yesterday anyway! Getting on slightly better than normal with my boss as well today which is a complete turn up for the books and it looks as though I may actually manage to get all the work currently sitting on my desk finished by the end of the day! Yay!

Going to the cinema tonight to see Mona Lisa Smile with Denise - bit of a chick flick but I can always go and watch Predator or something when I get home... *g*

I atually bought the Predator twin pack last week and haven't gotten round to watching them yet. See what you're doing to me Tenhawk?! You're making me go out and watch these films you're using as cross-overs!!!

I'm actually becoming really hooked on all sorts of xover fics now, since TTH came back up I've been reading fics on there non-stop! I really should stop reading them and get round to writing my own again!

Ah well, here's to a better day ahead!
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