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[public] Image/Art motivation needed...

Below the cut I'm going to put some of my favourite images, from which I do draw inspiration occaisionally. I'd like to think they're not that similar, but as soon as I uploaded them, I realised there most definitely is a common theme. So...

What I would love, is for you to link me to images and/or artwork to expand my horizons. To take me out of my craving for contrast and negative space. Links, pics, reccs, whatever.

Basically I'm trying to say - what is *your* favourite painting/sculpture/artwork? I would love to know.

(Wish I knew who the photographer/artist is. This has been in my 'stock images' folder for a while now.)

(I've had a soft spot for Mondrian since my teens, but although this follows the structure of his more easily-recognised work, there's a 'discontinuity'* to it that takes my breath away. *discontinuity is the best word I can come up with right now.)

(The reason I go to the Kelvingrove so often. Well, this and the dinosaurs. Dali - Christ of Saint John on the Cross)

(yes, it's a movie poster, it's still art though)

(this print is my one and only purchase from Ikea. (I have issues with that store.) There have been times I've been lost in this picture. Even though Dr Karl from Neighbours had one of these prints above his bed when he was shacked up with Izzy and put me off the picture for a while a few years ago.... hee. Cedric Porchez - Dunes)

(My absolute favourite painting. I have a large print of this and it's the one frame which broke in my move from the house to the flat. I was absolutely gutted. Wassily Kandinsky - Struttura Allegra)
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