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12 September 2010 @ 12:51 pm
[public] Question for fanartists  
So I'm considering entering the fanart contest at Vampire Ball. Problem is, I've only ever published art online and don't have a particularly fantastic printer. So... my question is this, how do I go about getting it printed at a decent quality? (In Britain, cheaply.)

If it was a photograph I'd stick it on a memory card and take it to some place like Klick or something, but given this is fanart and will probably be using either screencaps or copyrighted material which I don't own the copyright for, I'm a little worried about legality.

(random - Ooooh! the 'Phonics are at Monza and Martin Brundle just nabbed them for an interview!)
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thedothatgirl: lindseycloudthedothatgirl on September 12th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
That'll teach me for not reading the leaflet they sent with the tickets...

They are doing another fan art thing again? Our laser printer surprising sucks when it comes to quality printing. I swear there were times the old inkjet was better. Otherwise I'd suggest sending it to me. It would be A4 only though. Do Staples offer a printing one off service?
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone: ats//lindsey's epidermis is pink - mewhiskyinmind on September 12th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
There's a vid contest as well! (No way, even with all the bunnies, I could enter that one... although there is a Drusilla/Tori Amos - Crucify idea I've had for ages and kept quiet 'cause it's an overused song....)

I've never been in/used Staples. I know of them, but not much other than they were the major competitors for John Menzies when they were still going.

And dude, that's the second ten-years-defunct-company I've mentioned this weekend*, is this a sign I'm getting old?

(*mentioned C&A on Facebook, hee!)
thedothatgirlthedothatgirl on September 12th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
C&A omg yes I'd forgotten about them. Man at C&A ;)

the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone: ats//dru & darla nose beep - sheepfairywhiskyinmind on September 12th, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
Avanti... (that's what they tried to re-brand 'Man at C&A' as...)

I worked there for five years. They were a good company to work for, even if the clothes weren't great. Looking at the high street right now, I kinda think there's a place for them now. Hee!
velvetwhipvelvetwhip on September 12th, 2010 05:33 pm (UTC)
I wish I could help, but sadly, I know nothing.

Cataditu_az on September 13th, 2010 11:27 am (UTC)
I would in no way take me as an authority, but I'm fairly sure that places like Klick and Boots and SnappySnaps don't care about the legality. I got my sister to print out a bunch of photoshoot photos for me last year (I think she went to Boots) and didn't even think of giving her my copyright certificate, which is just as well, because they didn't even slightly care!

Hope it goes well!