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[public - since it's mostly fandomy!] So yeah...

I failed miserably on writing anything for thebigbangjob, sorry guys! Still love the story concept and will work on it, but I dunno when it'll appear.

But... I did sign up for round two of jossverse_bb, this time as a writer. There's a lower word count demand there and, so long as the primary focus is Jossverse, crossovers are good. My immediate thought is to go with Lindsey/Faith with a couple of possible crossover characters but I'm open to all and any suggestions!

I'm in the library again, and about to leave because there's a damn percussion class going on. Seriously, in the library?!! I have my headphones on, my rock mix, last track was Enter Sandman, this one's Back In Black , volume cranked till it hurts, and still I can barely hear it.

Got no problem with a percussion class, sounds like fun, but there's a community centre at the end of the block and a town hall just down the street. Either of them has to be better than a damn library doesn't it?!!!

Oh, and thank goodness for Ben Edlund. Three eps into season six and finally an episode I didn't walk away from.

Hey... have I just gone deaf or have they actually stopped the class?!

(tiny tip, when listening to rock music, don't try to play tennis on Wii Sports at the same time - it'll mess with your stroke and make you lose your pro status. Or at least it will if you're me. Hee!)

Oh! Almost forgot - well, actually I did forget, this is an edited addition... - I'm having trouble with the admin panel at I Need A Parrot. There are something like 52 chapters to be validated and added to the archive, but when I try to get into them the library system blocks them with the message 'North Ayrshire Libraries has classified this page as containing pornography or violence'. Sounds like a good story, but I can't see it until I get my internet connection sorted at home. It'll be done as soon as I physically can. Sorry for the hold up!
Tags: i need a parrot, jossverse big bang, leverage, real life, supernatural, wii

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