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Grrr. So the new awards site has been up for around 12 hours now, I'm kinda taken aback with how quickly the nominations came in initially and I spent about three hours after the launch updating the nominees page as more were added.

Obviously not every category has a nomination in yet so instead of overcrowding the page I just put the category in as and when one came up. That's still my plan to be honest.

So imagine my disgust when I get up this morning to find that some small-minded little prat tells everyone not to nominate him because there's only slash-pairings categories. Um. No. That's all I got last night. There are categories for het pairings as well as non-pairings. Read the fucking site next time!

I get that some people really have a problem with slash and that's fine with me, hell it's the reason I split the shipper fics into two sections for crying out loud! I'm going out of my way to accomodate these people who really don't like seeing it!

So to have a jerk like this slam the "sight" as he called it without even bothering to have a proper look? Gah!!!

and this is the same jerk who can't work out the upload method on INAP and whom smileawhile and I have been loading fics for!
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