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so I'm not exactly skinny, curvy I think is the term used by people who are trying to come up with a polite euphamism. I'm also not tall (5'4") and I don't like the way my legs look so I wear trousers a lot. I do have skirts, I just don't wear them often.

So because I'm not planning on going anywhere today, I picked up the first comfortable thing I could find to slob about in. It turned out to be a mini-skirt. I went out first thing to meet the postman because my dog was intimidating him (Dram's a West Highland Terrier - how is that intimidating?!!).

Anyway, my neighbour just came to the door (four hours later) and said "Alec said he thought he'd seen you in shorts earlier. We just had to see if it was true." You should have seen her face when she realised it was a skirt, she said "He'll be over like a shot when I tell him!"

I bet I'm front page news in the local paper next week....
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