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Frelling work gossip!!!!

Okay, I've not been at work since last Wednesday - nephew's birthday and play-going made me think an extremely long weekend would be in order (plus, not well yesterday) and I come back today to find an email from the person organising the Fresher's Fair stall that I'm going to be manning saying if I was that unhappy with the choice of t-shirt slogan (Suck it and see) then I should have told her about it.


Okay, when I first found out about it I did say things like "I can't believe I agreed with this!" but at no point did I ever say, "I won't do it, it's degrading and ridiculous." And yet apparently that's the message that's somehow gotten back to the organiser.

I'm Scottish, my wit can sometimes be very very dry (if you've seen "Shallow Grave" you'll know the kind of thing I mean - that is a damn funny film) so it possible that the people in the library, mostly fellow Scots, didn't get the fact that I was kidding?

What gets me is this bit in the email "A few people have said to me that you are not happy about wearing a T-shirt at the Fresher's Fair". A few people? WTF??!!

I know I've mentioned it in this journal a couple of times, so on the off-chance that anyone from work actually reads this (other than engelsteorra and if I find it it was you on the wind-up you're getting such a slap Sharon!) I WAS KIDDING!! I'll wear the damn t-shirt, I've embarrassed myself more for less in the past - walking around St Andrews wearing a baby costume complete with huge nappy when I was 17 comes to mind (part of a Uni thing - don't ask)
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