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26 March 2011 @ 10:38 am
Two Buffyverse Drabbles  
Title: The End of the Road
Author: Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: It's still Joss's sandbox, he said I could play here for a while.
Warnings: (spoiler - highlight to read) [response to major character death]
Characters: Angel, (Faith).

Title: The Lonely Path
Author: Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating: PG-12
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox, I'm just playin' here!
Series: Paths Crossed (this is a companion piece to Her Own Path
Characters: Buffy, (Faith)
Notes: Written for telaryn as part of the leverageland St Patrick's Dat gift exchange. (It is *not* a Leverage fic!)
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