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Drabble - and a surprise for me!

Title Sacrifice
Author Shona, aka Mara (whiskyinmind)
Rating T
Disclaimer Still not my sandbox
Summary Faith knows being a Slayer's all about sacrifice...


Thank you so much to everyone/anyone who voted for me! And thanks to velvetwhip for letting me know! (I do read your journal honey, I just can't get online at the weekends much)

This is the first award I've won. I came second once, but that was out of three and it was the one of the three representing a popular pairing I don't normally write (Spander). My flabber is completely gasted here. Thank you so much once again!
Tags: awards, fic


    Come on, you know you wanna join leverageland! Tell 'em I sent you and you *really* want to join dontcha!

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