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My life happens to on occasion suck beyond the telling of it

I was so determined to be positive this weekend, I got up feeling great yestreday, did all my shopping nice and early, got some basic pages done for the BBBFic challenge and was working my way through my mound of emails that I'd been ignoring all week. (over 1000!!! yikes!) I was even on the verge of writing again, something I haven't done seriously for about a month now.

And then my sister phoned.

I think I've found the reason I'm so down half the time, don't get me wrong, I love my family, but my god they're suffocating me at the moment! I live alone for a reason - I like spending time on my own, I always have. I don't want to spend my entire week at work and my whole weekend at my sister's house!

So I spent a lot of yesterday at her place, as well as hitting the supermarket for the second time to get her shopping and getting drooled on by both the neice and nephew whilst listening to how much big sis's job sucks - God forbid I should tell her about mine though, she actually rolls her eyes and says things like "sorry Shona, it's boring, I don't care." Like I care about her job? Gah!

Anyways, I tried to tell her yesterday that I had things to do - that just because I was in the house didn't mean I especially wanted to come visit her, but I don't think it sank in. I'm fully expecting a phone call in about an hour saying "What are you doing today? Want to come up to mine?"

No. I'm sorry Suze, I love you, but for crying out loud I deserve to have one day when I don't have to do anything I don't want to and not feel guilty about it!

Wow. I feel better now. *g*

I'm actually cooking today - I have a chocolate fudge cake in the oven that I have no intention of eating. If it turns out okay I think I'll give it to the lovely people across the road who look after my dog whilst I'm at work. They look out for me a lot and I don't thank them enough. Plus, I'm cleaning the house, hell I might even put the door handle back on the living room door. I feel all domesticated now, weird.

So it's take two on the positive attitude. I might even wear something vaguely office-like to work tomorrow instead of the jeans, trainers and t-shirts I've gone back to wearing all the time now.

I've got the beta'd version of WaDaDM 5 sitting on my kitchen table right now as well. I really am going to try to post that today at some point. If I get the door handle fixed that is!

ETA pimping mate's site - Rob, you don't mind me calling you a mate do ya? Strange Decoupage. And I used to think I had too many thoughts...
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