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Music Rec - Ed Sheeran

So on Tuesday evening I was cooking and had the radio on in the kitchen. Jo Whiley was playing an amazing song by a singer with a haunting voice, I was hooked completely and was kinda on tenterhooks to find out who it was. When it was done she said it was Ed Sheeran and that he would be on Later Live with Jools Holland that night. I duly watched (hell, I even suffered through one of my least favourite "singers" to do so!) and on he comes. Totally not what I expected, he's really young and very ginger. But he was awesome. He was on his own and managing to mix vocal tracks as he was performing and just blew me away. Seriously amazing.

Anyways, I've just been to his site to see what he's up to and am really pleased to see that by signing up to his mailing list you get a free download of his EP. It's currently dling in the background here and I kinda can't wait to hear it.

Go. Check him out. Ed Sheeran.
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