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Just had a revelation that I thought I'd share - since I'm not above sharing as you all know!

I spend too much time looking for the meaning when there isn't one. Much as I hate Freudian analysis and think the guy was pretty much talking out of a hole in his head most of the time, I have to agree. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Too often I read something, or hear a song, or watch something on TV or film and think "There must be some really profound meaning behind this, I have to sit and over-analyse it until I find it." No wonder I'm so bloody down all the time!

I'm a cynic, and yet somewhere along the way I forgot that, all this time spent looking for the meaning, and I forgot to look for the fun.

So I'm going to take the advice of my shiny new icon (innit great?!) and find the fun.

Cake update - it smells fantastic, it's all springy the way a sponge should be and it looks really great. There's just one problem, I don't have any icing, nor can I be bothered splitting eggs into yolks and whites to make any. So it looks as though it won't be given to the neighbours, instead I may have to force myself to eat it with some ice cream.... Like that's going to be a chore....
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