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LeverageLand personality challenge

Posting it here 'cos I can.

Challenge one was to create a character for Leverage, played by an actor who has not appeared on the show, and write a short story detailing how they would fit into the show.

It was make-shift work, she knew that. The Bureau just didn't know what to with her anymore. After spending eight years deep undercover as part of the operation to bring down the Chicago mob she was too well known on both sides of the law; she'd made too many enemies - again on both sides of the law. She'd known when she'd taken that assignment straight out of Quantico that she would be transferred to another field office when it was over. She hadn't expected to end up as a glorified file clerk in Boston, however.

Admittedly the bullet currently lodged in the inoperable area between her third and fourth vertebrae - a parting gift from Mickey Antonelli - did curtail her work as a field agent somewhat, but really - collecting data on closed or cold cases? Sarah knew pointless busy-work when saw it.

Lately though, she'd started to notice a common trend. A whole lot of the cases she was looking at seemed to end the same way - the perp was caught and caged, but not through the Bureau. Not even by local law enforcement. No, these guys were caught red handed usually after tip offs from anonymous sources. Hell, one of the local mob guys was picked up after he'd been taped to the arresting officer's car.

Sarah was good at making connections; it was what she did. It was what had made her a good undercover agent. And there was something about some of these cases that screamed a link. So she'd started up an incident board on one wall of her cubicle despite the mocking of her colleagues.

She tapped a pen against her lower lip as she stood looking over the crime scene photos. Suddenly she saw it. The connection. He wasn't in all of the shots, but he was in plenty. Sometimes alone, sometimes not and… yes, in those shots from which he was missing one of his companions was invariably there.

Sarah pulled up the facial recognition software and ran a search on the clearest shot she had.

Nathan Ford.

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