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LeverageLand Challenge - Spin-Off!

Coming soon to a Livejournal near you:

From the creators of the hit show Leverage:


Give me but one firm spot on which to stand, and I will move the earth

After eight years spent deep undercover in the Chicago mob culminates in a near fatal injury, FBI agent Sarah Harkins returns to her hometown where she finds she's not the only one who's changed in her time away. Lisa Harkins, Sarah's older sister, has landed up on the wrong side of the law, but when Sarah's past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself needing help from Lisa and her criminal contacts. With corruption rife in the Boston field office and assistance coming from the unlikeliest of sources, Sarah needs all the outside help she can get just to stay alive.


Eliza Dushku as Special Agent Sarah Harkins, FBI: Sarah had been a rising star in the FBI, graduating summa cum laude from Yale with a degree in Criminology before excelling at Quantico. Displaying an uncanny talent for spotting and analysing apparently spurious connections she was assigned deep undercover work in Chicago with the hope she could infiltrate the local mob and find the weak links that would break it open. Eight years, she is reassigned to a desk job in Boston with a successful assignment on her record and a bullet lodged in her spine. Working her way through old files she spots a connection that she tracks back to one Nathan Ford. A connection that will lead her into a murky world of corruption and danger.

Jamie Bamber as Mikey Antonelli: Mikey is the youngest son of Chicago mob boss Carlo Antonelli. Although he himself is not a 'made man', he's always had everything he could ask for. Then Sarah Harkins first comes into his life and he realises he's not had everything he wanted. It takes five years until he finally wins her over and another three for his whole life to fall apart. With his father in jail, his brother dead, and the entire organization crumbling around his ears, Mikey lashes out and for the first time in his life fires a gun. As Sarah lies at his feet dying, he agrees to testify against his family and enter the Witness Protection Programme.

Nicholas Brendon as Agent Charlie Mitchell, FBI: Charlie has been with the FBI for fifteen years and he thinks that's at least ten years too many. A joker in the office, he makes friends easily - on both sides of the law. When he's assigned as Mikey Antonelli's handler he arranges for the son of one of his most generous friends to be relocated to Boston - where Charlie hopes he will come face to face with the troublesome wife he'd left for dead in Chicago. The wife who turned out to be an undercover agent and who is now working through some of those cold cases Charlie has good reason to hope are never resolved. Charlie's never been one to miss an opportunity, and the chance to kill two birds with one stone is something he doesn't to let pass.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Assistant Director Stephen Reynolds, FBI: Stephen is a long-standing FBI Agent who has been Assistant Director of the Boston field office for the past ten years. He's seen them all come and go and is very rarely surprised by anything. Naturally suspicious, he notices something odd about one of the new agents assigned to his office. Charlie had left Boston around about the same time Stephen had risen to the top and when he returns he displays signs of a radical transformation that Stephen just does not trust. On top of that he also has a decorated - but grievously injured - agent to find work for. Combining his two problems, he sets Agent Harkins the task of analysing those cases which have for some reason raised a flag somewhere along the line. In the interim, he'll be keeping a close eye on both of the agents so recently transferred to his office.

Tiffani Thiessen as Lisa Harkins: Despite coming from a family with a long history of law enforcement, Lisa has never felt the urge to follow the trend. She's left that to her kid sister whilst she makes her living on the shady side. A small-time grifter, Lisa firmly believes that you can never con an honest man, and that all the marks she goes after are, in some essential way, asking for it. When Sarah comes home after being almost killed, Lisa thinks she's been successful in hiding her criminal activities right up until the point her sister approaches her for the kind of help only someone on Lisa's side of the law can give.

With special guest star:

Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux: In certain circles of the criminal underworld, Sophie is as well-known as Marilyn Monroe, and - just like Marilyn - Sophie is not her real name. An accomplished con artist, she has grifted her way around the world but now seems to be more or less settled in Boston. Working with an unlikely crew, she is thriving in Beantown but when her old friend (and fellow grifter) Lisa Harkins approaches her for help, Sophie agrees to help but chooses to keep her new team safely away from the fallout that would undoubtedly come from working with parts of the FBI. Or at least for now.
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