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The importance of alarm clocks...

slept in this morning but left only five minutes later than normal. Walked in the door of the office at 8:50. A good three quarters of an hour later than normal. Gah.

On the way home last night I got diverted up some weird back streets in Glasgow for no reason that I could see - turns out there was some maniac, possibly with a katana, running down Dumbarton Road at rush hour. Wanker.

So I had a crappy evening yesterday, woke up late and got stuck in traffic this morning and to top it all two cleaners decided to piss about with me when I got to work. I always park in the same spot and I'm always the second in the parking lot (even apparently when I get in at ten to nine). I drive in front of the other car and reverse into my space, it's the easiest way to make sure I can get out again at night.

This morning, I turn into the parking lot and these two were standing in front of the other car. I drive up really slowly making it clear what I'm doing. Do they move? Do they buggery. So I try to reverse in at a bad angle and of course I end up sitting over two spaces. So I go to pull forward and straighten up when I see these two silly bitches have actually moved and are now standing in front of my car.

I rev the engine a little to let them know I'm moving and they glare at me. Since I'm already pissed off because of the traffic jam at the tunnel I pull forward anyway and they take one tiny step out of the way.

It takes me going back and forward five times before I get into the space and even then I'm still not straight in the space. I get out of the car and slam the door (a bit harder than I meant to - the window actually rattled) and say to them "Could you not have moved?"
To which one replies in that nasal tone of voice I really hate about certain accents in Glasgow, "Sorry hen, I never saw you."

Aye right, more like you didn't want your boss to see you - I realised after I walked away that the spot in front of the two cars is actually about the only place not covered directly by CCTV cameras.

And just to make my morning complete - the server's been playing up and I still don't have email yet. Great.
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