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So, you know how I mentioned that being promised porn was a good way to get me to hit my daily target? Well, here's the promised porn.

telaryn is a frickin' star. S'all I can say. Apart from you should all go and join sophie_eliot as well, because day-um!

Title: Employee Relations
Author: telaryn
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Nate/Eliot/Sophie
Summary: A missing scene from "The Boiler Room Job".

Go. Read it now. And lobby the Leverage writers if they can't make this canon, then at least let Eliot wear the glasses more?


(rubbish day writing yesterday, but I have been promised more porn if I hit my targets today so... *is like a puppy responding to treats!*)

OH!!! eta (is totally not procrastinating, honestly!) rozabellalove has written the CUTEST Parker/Eliot ficlet! Bunny, this is Mr. Eliot Spencer Go! Read it!
Tags: big bangs make me nervous, fic recs, i have the best friends...
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