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okay, so I wasn't right

Time doesn't fly, it drags. Yesterday snuck up on me so fast it wasn't funny and yet today it feels like it's been the longest week ever! Grrr.

So anyway, managed to get a little caught up with _end_of_days last night - that was so much fun writing Vi stoned! (I should point out it was Vi that was stoned, not me, and I should probably also say - writing from personal experience? What gave you that idea? *g*)

I want to read something funny today - anyone got any recs? No angst though, I'm getting plenty of that as it is... *g*

And of course with LJ playing up there I deleted the wrong post... what I said in the other was that Chris Moyles played Gun on the breakfast show on Radio 1 this morning - I haven't heard Gun on the radio for years! Plus, yesterday, he played a parody song called Dogz Don't Kill People - Wabbits Do! which just had me completely cracking up! (and yes, thinking about Anya!)

new icon!! Thank you coaxme!
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