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Websites news

So... there's a problem with the websites. Apparently one of my host's databases has been infiltrated and as such my password's been reset. Fine, not a problem, expcept for the fact that I now can't log in to the FTP site. So this is a head's up. I can't updare the websites at the moment, I'm trying to get it fixed asap, but my time online's limited as you know.

I'm not a happy bunny right now.

(any of the rest of you with DreamHost having similar issues? I know dragonydreams and stir_of_echoes had accounts there, are you still with 'em guys? Can you get to either the FTP site or the WebFTP?)

Edit to add

SO it seems as though it's taking its time to register the changes in passwords. It's been... about two hours I think? And it's now recognising me, so guys, if you're having this problem just give it time.
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