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Our fandom still has bite!

Buffyverse and Angel writers/artists/betas! Come share the love! Join ourfandomfest!

Sign-ups will take place from MARCH 9, 2012 until APRIL 1, 2012. (LATE SIGN UPS AVAILABLE ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS).
Writing may commence immediately.
Artists will be assigned by MAY 15, 2012.
Betas will be assigned within ONE week, to promote soundboarding.
Check in's will be the last day of every month. Just a short note confirming that you are on track, working and are having no problems. Simple.
Posting will begin JUNE 18, 2012. (With a grace-period of 10 days).
Tags: angel, buffyverse, fandom, fandom squee, pimping!
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