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Oooo, politics

and this is a wee bit of politics so if you don't want to hear my ranting then look away now...

The Countryside Alliance are one of the largest pro-hunting organisations in this country. As you might or might not know, there was a vote taken in the UK parliament yesterday concerning the proposed banning of fox hunting with hounds in England and Wales. Scotland already has a ban in place thanks to our own legislative body.

Anyway, I'm not going to mention the invasion of the House of Commons being another showing up of our antiquated political systems, I'm not going to say anything about the result of the vote. What I will say though, is who told the Countryside Alliance that they speak for me?

I do not agree with any of their policies on hunting at all. I grew up surrounded by farms, all of my friends were farm kids. And every single year I saw a whole bunch of my friends' livliehoods ruined because of the hunts tearing across their property and ruining the annual crop.

Fox hunting, in my opinion, is a barbaric act which is nothing more than a throw-back to more barbaric times. Yes, foxes are a problem wherever there is livestock around. And yes, if they are not controlled somehow then they will be an even larger problem. But. Chasing them for hours across other people's property until the animal either dies of fright or is torn apart by ravening hounds is not the way to solve the problem. I know a gamekeeper called Bob who has done his job for forty years who hates the idea of hunting. Off the top of his head he listed ten ways of killing foxes which are far quicker and more 'humane' than hunting.

And yet, every time there's something about fox hunting in the news do they ever talk to people who are actually in the job like Bob? Do they talk to people like me who were born and brought up in the countryside and abhor the practice?


They talk to radical animal rights activists who take extreme action and they talk to the Countryside Alliance who mouth off about how the countryside "community" is wholeheartedly behind fox hunting, and how the countryside "community" backs their stance 100%.

Well guess what? I'm part of the "Countryside Community" and my message to the Countryside Alliance? You don't speak for me.
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